4. Presenting at Kingston Invents

Why present at Kingston Invents?

Presenting at Kingston Invents is free of charge, it is a chance to air your concept/invention privately to approximately 20-30 fellow innovators who have a wide range of experience and will almost certainly have faced all the challenges that your idea has/does/will!

Our Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (that all attendees sign) allows you to speak openly about your concept without compromising your ability to apply for intellectual property. It’s a really valuable to get feedback on your idea before investing in patents/trademarks/design registrations and that dreaded intellectual property 12-month/PCT clock starts ticking!

We have a great room that Kingston University kindly let us use, and you'll have an exclusive slot of 40 minutes. It's up to you how you break this down however it's recommended for you to spend about 20 minutes presenting your concept (less is better), leaving 20 minutes for a mixture of open questioning/suggestions/brainstorming.

If you're not ready to give a full presentation and just want to air an early stage idea or concept, we can also add very short 10-minute slots to each meeting; they're high-energy quick-fire sessions that are perfect for Go/No Go decision-making!

You might walk away different points of view, great ideas for improvements, industry contacts, a potential partner or maybe even an investor! We've also created really good guides to presenting at KI and a survey template that you are welcome to adapt & print so that you can take away the room's written ideas and gauge the level of potential market interest.

What presentation facilities are there?
Some of our best sessions have involved no computer presentation, just using prototypes that are passed around (and there's an OHP-style digital projector to show any sketches or other paper-based material that you bring) however, if you do have a presentation, there's a great projector system with speakers. Presentations must be brought on a USB stick (in Microsoft Office, PDF or standard video/image formats) and there's no Internet access on the university terminal. There is free CLOUD WiFi but, if you bring a laptop to display presentations or websites, note that there is only VGA & HDMI (NOT Mini DisplayPort) connectivity to the system.

However you choose to present, bring a pen & pad or something else to record any golden nuggets of feedback!

How can I present at Kingston Invents?

To find out about our available presentation please message on "KingstonInvents at Gmail dot com" letting us know:

1. whether you'd like a full or short 10-minute slot

2. your mobile number (not given to members, just for contact with the Meeting Organisers)

3. a short one-liner description of what you'd like to present

4. your product/service's website (if you have one, no problem if you don’t)