Meeting Room Facilities
There is a PC with MS-Office/Internet and projector available if you wish to show a presentation or go online. Please e-mail material in advance, or bring on CD, floppy disk or Memory Stick. Also at hand is a whiteboard for any notes and drawings.
Main Session with Guest Speaker
The main session usually lasts for about an hour, and would normally involve 20 to 30 minutes talk / presentation followed by questions and open discussion. There is often a lively debate with novel suggestions, and presenters typically get as much out of the meeting as the audience - and one of the main benefits of the club is the networking and felicitous encounters.
Inventor Clinic 
The Inventor Clinic is an opportunity for inventors to pitch their idea with a view to getting constructive feedback under NDA in a safe and friendly environment. The varied background of the attendees usually leads to the presenter gaining new insights. And the opportunity to practise presentation is extremely valuable, and can help prepare for meetings with potential customers and commercial partners.
Guidelines for the Inventor Pitch are:
  • allow just 5 to 10 minutes for the presentation, addressing the business concept as well as the invention
  • describe the history of the idea, and the stage you are at
  • identify problems and issues on which you'd like feedback
  • envisage 10 to 20 minutes for discussion
  • you can keep the presentation entirely verbal, or use a sketch, model, flipchart or powerpoint
  • NB in case of Powerpoint presentation bring on a memory stick or (better) email it in advance
  • make notes on the key messages you need to get across, and practice in advance to check timing
Some of our best sessions have involved no computer presentation, though supporting sketches (large enough to see!) can certainly help.