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Phil Staunton, Head of Design at Innovate Design presented a snapshot of the servces they provide for inventors including interpretation of the key product features into effective rpesentations for securing investment or in progressing to the next phases - Phil presented a couple of interesting case studies -  see

The second part of the evening was directed by Bob Lindsey who invited members to outline their areas of interest and their expertise. The KRTI website is undergoing change and we are indebted to John Halliday for developing a site within a package that will make updating simpler. John has kept the web-site updated during the 20 months since he has stood down from leading the club.  Andrew Cordani has volunteered to take on the next website development phase, including an option of a directory of members who are seeking particular skills and/or who have expertise available for hire. 





Dean Carran and Jan Niklewicz presented the activities and expertise of JNDC Engineering ( Their traditional work involves selling consultancy services, particularly in such applications as Finite Element Analysis. However, they are also pro-active in seeking novel solutions to existing problems and are building up a range of products to sell into the engineering and manufacturing industries. They presented a case-study which started as a project to solve a lighting problem which has led to a specialised application for LED lighting.

After the break a discussion was held on patenting and the problems of getting a “no-match” from a search. This was highlighted by Alan Ferdman’s experience of an initial search being “good” (i.e. no relevant match) with a subsequent search showing some prior art affecting two claims

John Halliday,
4 Feb 2010, 15:46