GroundHog: Coffee System for Cafetière Coffee

posted 11 Mar 2010, 10:59 by John Halliday   [ updated 11 Mar 2010, 11:01 by Kingston Invents ]

David Hornsby

Product Description
Groundhog is a moulded plastic insert with a perforated base that fits inside the bottom of a cafetière. The insert, which holds the coffee grains, is placed inside the cafetière and hot water is added in the usual way. As the cafetière plunger is pressed down, the coffee grains are pushed back into the Groundhog. When fully depressed the plunger grips the inside edge of the Groundhog, which is then easily removed with the filter after use, containing all the waste grains.

Groundhog fits all current standard sized cafetières, and can be used for all kinds of infused drinks. It avoids any mess and is environmentally friendly.
It may be sold pre-packed and sealed with ready-to-make beverage portions.

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